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I am a Professor Emeritus of Environmental Science at Greenfield Community College in western Massachusetts and am totally freaking out about climate change and other assorted environmental catastrophes. Life as we know it is getting pretty dicey right now! So here are my questions to you, dear visitors to my web site: how do we stay sane in a world so seemingly headed toward ecological chaos? How do we convince folks who haven’t “seen the light” that transforming our economies to a fossil fuel future as rapidly as possible is of tantamount importance? How do we promote environmental activism and make it as fun as possible?


If you have the answers to any of these questions please contact me immediately!


Fortunately, there is good news: lots of wonderful folks are coming up with all sorts of creative ways to save the world. My way of contributing, particularly now that I have (January of 2016) retired, is to write romantic comedies starring environmental activists. Love in the Time of Climate Change, the world’s first “rom-com cli-fi”, a romantic comedy about climate change and my first novel, was released in October of 2014. In it I felt compelled to tackle impending world catastrophe in a fictionalized form using humor, pot smoking, social awkwardness and sex while being uncompromising about the science of climate change. The book won the 2014 Gold Medal INDIEFAB Book of the Year in the Humor category. The way I see it, many people avoid climate change nonfiction given how depressing and paralyzing it can be, but humor, silliness and love present an ideal opening to a larger audience while still hitting hard on climate change issues.

KABOOM! was published on Earth Day in 2016 and is another romantic comedy, (hey, it’s all I’ve got folks!) this time for young adults and dealing with the issue of mountaintop removal. I think it’s pretty funny, but also uncompromising in the environmental issues it raises. And young love is so AWESOME!!!! It has won numerous awards including the 2017 Next Generation Indie Book Award Gold Medal winner for Young New Adult, a 2016 Literary Classics Book Award Gold Medal winner for Environmental Issues, a 2017 Independent Publisher Book Award Bronze Medal for Mid-Atlantic Best Regional Fiction, long listed for a 2017 Green Earth Book Award for Young Adult Fiction, a 2016 Shelf Unbound Best Indie Book Runner Up and labeled one of the six best YA books of summer 2016 by Forward Reviews.

Offline, yet another (duh!) YA rom-com, this time about internet addiction and getting back to the land, is being released on April 22, 2019. Sarah Ward, author of Aesop Lake, blurbed “Offline is a witty tale about screenagers who come face to face with real life. Adams’ characters are hilarious and thoughtful in this fast-paced relevant story for the i-generation.” I’m doing a few readings in the next few months so check out the events page for that.

I love to hear from my readers. If you have any comments, good, bad or ugly, please send them along. If you know of any events that I could speak at or show up to, please tell me.

I hope you read the books I’ve written. I hope you read them and laugh like hell and then go out there and work your ass off saving the world. And, while you’re at it, don’t forget to find true love and happiness.

Thanks again for visiting.